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De Silva,P.H.D.H..

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) recorded off Sri Lanka, India, from the Arabian Sea and Gulf, Gulf of Aden and from the Red Sea Journal Article

Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 84 (357), pp. 505-525, 1987.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Antarctic, Arabia, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, behaviour, Blue whale, cetacea, cetacean, cetaceans, Delphinus tropicalis, dolphin, dolphins, fin whale, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Humpback Whale, India, Indian Ocean, mammals, marine, migration, Neophocaena phocaenoides, Oceanic, Oman, Pakistan, Porpoise, Red Sea, sanctuaries, skull, Sri Lanka, stranding, Strandings, survey, whale, whales

Nanayakkara, Ranil P.,Jefferson, Thomas A.,Abayaratne, Sandaruwan

First records of the Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoise Journal Article

Journal of Threatened Taxa, 9 (181), pp. 11081-11084, 2017.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Finless Porpoise, Neophocaena phocaenoides, Sri Lanka, stranding

Jog, Ketki,Sule, Mihir,Bopardikar, Isha,Patankar, Vardhan,Sutaria, Dipani

Living with dolphins: Local ecological knowledge and perceptions of small cetaceans along the Sindhudurg coastline of Maharashtra, India Journal Article

Marine Mammal Science, 34 (128), pp. 488-498, 2017, ISBN: 1748-7692.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Bycatch, cetacean-fisheries interactions, competition, Finless Porpoise, humpback dolphin, India, local ecological knowledge, Marine mammals, Neophocaena phocaenoides, perceptions, Sousa plumbea

Jayasankar, P.,Anoop, B.,Vivekanandan, E.,Rajagopalan, M.,Yousuf, K.M.M.,Reynolds, P.,Krishnakumar, P.K.,Kumaran, PL.,Afsal, V.V.,Krishnan, A.A.

Molecular identification of delphinids and finless porpoise (Cetacea) from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal Journal Article

Zootaxa, 1853 (125), pp. 57-67, 2008.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: bottlenose dolphin, Common dolphin, D.capensis, DNA, Finless Porpoise, India, Neophocaena phocaenoides, sousa, species identification, Spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris, taxonomy, tursiops aduncus