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Poster developed by ASWN members in India to help raise awareness of cetacean diversity and conservation (courtesy Dipani Sutaria)

This page contains some of the key reports and documents related to the Arabian Sea Whale network.  Click on the links below to access more reports and published papers specific to different research themes or target countries. The item labeled “research tools and methodology” contains links to data collection protocols and key references for line-transect methodology, photo-identification etc.

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IUCN redlist assessment Arabian Sea humpback whales


Arabian Sea Humpback Whale Workshop Report _FINAL5


IMG_5538  Education and outreach materials


Humpback whale leaping. Photo by Chloe Corne (Global Vision International Shimoni).jpg  Regional – Arabian Sea Humpback Whales


 Blue, Bryde’s and Omura’s whales






























  Sri Lanka and the Maldives





   Kenya and Tanzania





Arabian Sea Oceanography and biomass

  Small Cetaceans





  Research methodology and protocols