The Arabian Sea Whale Network (ASWN) collaborates to conserve humpback whales and other cetaceans in the Arabian Sea.  ASWN membership includes representatives of large international NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF – with offices in Pakistan, India and the UAE) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), as well as grass-roots environmental organizations like the Environment Society of Oman and Plan4theland in Iran. It also includes regional academic institutions, such as the University of Karachi, independent researchers in Oman, India, Iran and Sri Lanka and other whale experts from around the world.


This infographic was developed by the Arabian Sea Whale Network with financial support from EWS-WWF.  It is intended to help raise awareness of the unique nature of Arabian Sea Humpback whales and their urgent conservation needs.  I high resolution PDF of this info-graphic can be downloaded from the Downloadable resources page on this website.

While this website site is intended primarily as a resource for network members to facilitate the regional exchange of information and tools that they can use in their research and conservation strategies, we hope that it will also provide visitors with an overview of what the network does and what it hopes to achieve for whale conservation in the region.