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Latasa, Mikel.,Bidigare, Robert. R.

A comparison of phytoplankton populations of the Arabian Sea during the Spring Intermonsoon and Southwest Monsoon of 1995 as described by HPLC-analyzed pigments Journal Article

Deep-Sea Research II, 45 (141), pp. 2133-2170, 1998.

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De Silva,P.H.D.H..

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) recorded off Sri Lanka, India, from the Arabian Sea and Gulf, Gulf of Aden and from the Red Sea Journal Article

Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 84 (357), pp. 505-525, 1987.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Antarctic, Arabia, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, behaviour, Blue whale, cetacea, cetacean, cetaceans, Delphinus tropicalis, dolphin, dolphins, fin whale, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Humpback Whale, India, Indian Ocean, mammals, marine, migration, Neophocaena phocaenoides, Oceanic, Oman, Pakistan, Porpoise, Red Sea, sanctuaries, skull, Sri Lanka, stranding, Strandings, survey, whale, whales

Wabnitz, Colette C. C.,Lam, Vicky W. Y.,Reygondeau, Gabriel,Teh, Lydia C. L.,Al-Abdulrazzak, Dalal,Khalfallah, Myriam,Pauly, Daniel,Palomares, Maria L. Deng,Zeller, Dirk,Cheung, William W. L.

Climate change impacts on marine biodiversity, fisheries and society in the Arabian Gulf Journal Article

PLOS ONE, 13 (494), pp. e0194537, 2018.

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Soultan, Alaaeldin,Wikelski, Martin,Safi, Kamran

Risk of biodiversity collapse under climate change in the Afro-Arabian region Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 9 (236), pp. 955, 2019, ISBN: 2045-2322.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabia, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, biodiversity, Climate change, conservation status, extinction, IUCN Red List, Threat assessment

Smeenk,C.,Addink,M.J.,Van den Berg,A.B.,Bosman C.A.W.,Cad‚e,G.C.

Sightings of Journal Article

Bonn.Zool.Beitr., (232), pp. 389 -398, 1996.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabia, D.capensis, Delphinus tropicalis, Distribution, Indian Ocean, population, Red Sea, skulls, taxonomy

Weitkowitz, W.

Sightings of whales and dolphins in the Middle East (Cetacea) Journal Article

Zoology in the Middle East, 6 (252), pp. 5-12, 1992.

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Collins, T.,Braulik, G.,Kiani, S.,Sutaria, D.,Rahim, Abdul.,Moshiri, Hamed.,Vanneyre, Laurence.,Baldwin, R.

Strandings and other records of mortality in the Arabian Sea Journal Article

submitted as a working paper to the small cetacean sub-committee at the IWC, Panama, June 2012, (349), 2012.

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Chiffings, Anthony.

Marine Region 11: Arabian Seas Book


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The Cetacea of the Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, Saudi Arabia Book

NCWCD, 1996.

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