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Van Waerebeek,K.,Gallagher M.,Papastavrou,V.,Al-Lawati,S.M.

Cranial evidence of melon-headed whale and rough-toothed dolphin from Oman and the Arabian Sea Journal Article

Aquatic Mammals, (492), 1998.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, dolphin, melon-headed whale, Oman, rough-toothed dolphin, whale

Baldwin, R.,Willson, A.,Looker, E.,Buzas, B.

Growing knowledge of cetacean fauna in the Emirate of Fujairah, UAE Journal Article

Tribulus, 26 (313), 2018.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Distribution, Gulf of Oman, rough-toothed dolphin, stenella coeruleoalba, steno bredanensis, Striped dolphin, United Arab Emirates


Marine Mammal Records from Iran Journal Article

Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, 11 (334), pp. 49-63, 2010.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: abundance, bottlenose dolphin, Bryde's whale, Common dolphin, conservation, Distribution, dolphin, dugong, fin whale, Finless Porpoise, fishing gear, Gulf of Oman, Humpback Whale, humpback whales, incidental capture, killer whale, location, mammals, management, marine, marine mammal, Marine mammals, mortality, mysticete, mysticetes, Oman, Porpoise, Risso's dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, Spinner dolphin, whale, whales

Van Waerebeek,K.,Gallagher,M.,Baldwin,R.,Papastavrou,V.,Al-Lawati,S.M.

Morphology and distribution of the spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris, rough-toothed dolphin, Steno brednanensis and melon-headed whale, Peponocephala electra, from waters off the Sultanate of Oman Journal Article

The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, 1 (491), pp. 167-177, 1999.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Distribution, Indian Ocean, length, melon-headed whale, morphometrics, Oman, rough-toothed dolphin, Spinner dolphin, Stock identity, taxonomy