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Braulik, G.,Savadkouhi, O.S.,Fadakar, S.,Mohammadi, H.,Brownell Jr, R.L.,Reeves, R. R.,Nabavi, M.B.,Fernandez, A.

A retropsective investigation of two dolphin mass mortality events in Iran, autumn 2007 Journal Article

Zoology in the Middle East, 49 (335), pp. 13-26, 2010.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Gulf, cetaceans, Gulf of Oman, Iran, mass mortality, Spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris, stranding

Kiani, S. M.,Iqbal, P.,Siddiqui, P. J. A.

First confirmation of occurrence of the pan-tropical spotted dolphin, Journal Article

Marine Biodiversity Records, 4 (133), pp. doi:10.1017/S1755267211000601, 2011.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, mass mortality, naval activity, Pakistan, spotted dolphin, stenella attenuata

Piontkovski, Sergey A,Al-Gheilani, Hamed MH,Jupp, Barry P,Al-Azri, Adnan R,Al-Hashmi, Khalid A

Interannual changes in the Sea of Oman ecosystem Journal Article

Open Mar Biol J, 6 (431), pp. 38-52, 2012.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Gulf of Oman, Harmful Algal Bloom, Hydro-biology, Interannual variability, mass mortality, oceanography, Sea of Oman, Sultanate of Oman, zooplankton

Piontkovski, SA,Al-Gheilani, HMH,Jupp, B,Sarma, YVB,Al-Azri, AR

The relationship between algal blooms, fish kill incidents, and oxygen depletions along the Omani coast Journal Article

International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography, 6 (429), pp. 145-177, 2012, ISBN: 0973-2667.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, fish kill, Gulf of Oman, Harmful Algal Bloom, mass mortality, oxygen minimum, Sea of Oman, seasonal change, Sultanate of Oman

Betty, Emma L.,Bollard, Barbara,Murphy, Sinéad,Ogle, Mike,Hendriks, Hannah,Orams, Mark B.,Stockin, Karen A.

Using emerging hot spot analysis of stranding records to inform conservation management of a data-poor cetacean species Journal Article

Biodiversity and Conservation, (327), 2019, ISBN: 1572-9710.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Distribution, Globicephala melas, Long finned pilot whale, mass mortality, Mass Stranding, New Zealand, stranding


Collection of skulls of cetacea: Odondoceti from Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman, 1969 - 1990 Book

UNEP, 1991.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: bottlenose dolphin, cetacea, cetacean, cetaceans, Common dolphin, Cuvier's beaked whale, dwarf sperm whale, false killer whale, fishing gear, hump-backed dolphin, incidental capture, Indian Ocean, marine, marine mammal, mass mortality, morphology/anatomy, mortality, Oman, Risso's dolphin, sanctuaries, skull, skulls, sperm whale, Spinner dolphin, spotted dolphin, Strandings, Striped dolphin, tropical dolphin, United Arab Emirates