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Bloom of jellyfish (Crambionela orisini) in the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf Journal Article

Iranian Fisheries Research Organisation Newsletter, 35 (297), pp. 1, 2003.

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Reynolds, M.

Physical oceanography of the Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, and the Gulf of Oman: results from the Mt. Mitchell Expedition Journal Article

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 27 (444), pp. 35-59, 1993.

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Strandings and other records of mortality in the Arabian Sea Journal Article

submitted as a working paper to the small cetacean sub-committee at the IWC, Panama, June 2012, (349), 2012.

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Daanehkaar, Afhsin.

Vulnerable marine zones of Iran Journal Article

Mohit-e Zist Quarterly Magazine, 24 (355), pp. 28-38, 1998.

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Harrington Jr., Fred. A.

A Guide to the Mammals of Iran Book Chapter

(383), pp. 89, Department of the Environment, 1977.

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Department of Environment,

Biodiversity conservation planning in Iran. From Rio to Jo'burg. Report to the 2nd World Summit on Sustainable Development Technical Report

(360), 2002.

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