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Smith, B. D., ,Shore, R.G., ,Lopez, A., ,Beasley, I. ,Gilbert, M., ,Sokha, K., ,Kittawattanawong, K., ,Kreb, D., ,Moelyono, H., ,Tun, M. T., ,Channy, O., ,Pattnaik, A., ,Somany, P., ,Phothitay, C., ,Sutaria, D. ,Tun, T.

Action Plan for the Conservation of Freshwater Populations of Irrawaddy Dolphins Book

Wildlife Conservation Society, 2007, ISBN: WCSWP31.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Ayeyarwady River, Chilika Lake, conservation, Freshwater ecosystem management, Irrawaddy dolphin, Mahakam River, Mekong River, population estimates, Songkhla Lake