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Cetaceans of the Western Tropical Indian Ocean: Distribution, Relative Abundance, and comparisons with Cetacean Communities of Two other Tropical Ecosystems Journal Article

Marine Mammal Science, 14 (321), pp. 429-459, 1998.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: abundance, cetacean, cetaceans, Distribution, dolphin, dolphins, Gulf of Mexico, habitat preference, Indian Ocean, Maldives, Mexico, Oman, relative abundance, seabirds, survey, whale

Kershaw, Francine,Leslie, Matthew S,Collins, Tim,Mansur, Rubaiyat M,Smith, Brian D,Minton, Gianna,Baldwin, Robert,LeDuc, Richard G,Anderson, R Charles,Brownell, Robert L

Population differentiation of 2 forms of Bryde’s Whales in the Indian and Pacific Oceans Journal Article

Journal of Heredity, 104 (394), pp. 755-764, 2013, ISBN: 0022-1503.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: balaenoptera, balaenoptera edeni, bangladesh, Bryde's whale, Maldives, Oman, Speciation, taxonomy


Records of cetacean "strandings" from the Maldives Journal Article

Journal of South Asian Natural History, 4 (12), pp. 187-202, 1999.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Blue whale, blue whales, Central Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean, Maldives, sperm whales, Strandings

Slijper,E.J.,Van Utrecht,W.L.,Naaktgeboren,C.

Remarks on the distribution and migration of whales Journal Article

Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde, 34 (475), pp. 4-86, 1964.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Atlantic, density, Distribution, fin whale, Gulf of Aden, Humpback Whale, humpback whales, India, Indian Ocean, Maldives, migration, minke whale, minke whales, North Pacific, Oman, Pakistan, productivity, right whale, right whales, Southern Hemisphere, sperm whale, sperm whales, Strandings, whale, whales

Anderson, R.C.,Branch, T.A.,Alagiyawadu, A.,Baldwin, A.L.,Marsac, F.

Seasonal distribution, movements and taxonomic status of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) in the northern Indian Ocean Journal Article

Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, 12 (291), pp. 203–218, 2012.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, balaenoptera musculus, Blue whale, Indian Ocean, Maldives, Movements, Oman, taxonomy