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Species and individual identification of whale and dolphin products for sale in Japan by mtDNA sequences and nuclear microsatellite profiles Technical Report

(399), 1998.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Atlantic, baleen whale, baleen whales, beaked whales, developing, DNA, dolphin, dolphins, fin whale, Japan, Microsatellite, minke whale, mtDNA, North Atlantic, Oman, population, Porpoise, pygmy sperm whale, Southern Hemisphere, sperm whale, stocks, survey, whale, whales, whaling


State of the Marine Environment Report. ROPME/GC-11/003 Technical Report

(457), 2003.

BibTeX | Keywords: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Persian Gulf, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Gray, Howard.

Stranding of Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) Darsait Beach, 16 January 2008 Technical Report

(380), 2008.

BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Oman, sperm whale, stranding

Willson, A.,Leslie, M.,Baldwin, R.,Cerchio, S.,Childerhouse, S.,Collins, T.,Findlay, K.,Genov, T.,Godley, B. J.,Al Harthi, S.,Macdonald, D. W.,Minton, G.,Zerbini, A.,Witt, M.J.

Update on satellite telemetry studies and first unoccupied aerial vehicle assisted health assessment studies of Arabian Sea humpback whales off the coast of Oman. Technical Report

(504), 2018, ISBN: IWC/SC67B/CMP13Rev1.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: health, Humpback Whale, lesions, megaptera novaeangliae, Oman, photo-identification, Satellite telemetry, song, tattoo, UAV

Minton, Gianna,van Bressem, M. F.,Willson, A.,Collins, T.,Al Harthi, S.,Sarrouf Willson, M.,Baldwin, R.,Leslie, M.,Robbins, J.,Van Waerebeek, K

Visual Health Assessment and evaluation of Anthropogenic threats to Arabian Sea Humpback Whales in Oman Technical Report

Document presented to the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (418), 2020.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Barnacle, Bycatch, disease, Fisheries, Humpback Whale, killer whale, lesions, megaptera novaeangliae, Oman, pathology, photo identification, predation, scarring, skin, tattoo


Whale and Dolphin Eco-tourism in the Sultanate of Oman Technical Report

(354), 2000.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: eco-tourism, Oman, tourism, Whale watching

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