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Baldwin, R.,Willson, Andrew,Collins, T.J.Q.

Watching out for whales: industry responsibility to address threats to Arabian Sea humpback whales, Gulf of Masirah, Oman Technical Report

(312), 2015.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Sea, Humpback Whale, megaptera novaeangliae, mitigation, seismic, ship strike, vessel traffic

Moazzam, M.K.,Nawaz, R.,Khan, B.,Ahmed, S.

Whale Distribution in the Northern Arabian Sea along Coast of Pakistan in 2019 based on the information obtained through Fisheries Crew-Based Observer Programme Technical Report

Document presented to the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (170), 2020, ISSN: SC/67A/CMP/05.

Abstract | BibTeX | Keywords: Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, balaenoptera edeni, Bryde's whale, Bycatch, Entanglement, Humpback Whale, megaptera novaeangliae, Observer programmes, Pakistan

52 entries « 2 of 2 »