Arabian Sea humpback whales listed under India’s Recovery Programme for Critically Endangered Species

Good news from India! The Arabian Sea Humpback whale has been added to the Central Government’s Recovery Programme for Critically Endangered SpeciesThe programme, which falls under the Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate Change, India (MoEFCC), is a component of a Centrally sponsored scheme titled ‘Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats’. 

Whale Photo - 05 Oct 05 017

Humpback whale tail fluke photographed by the Indian Coast Guard in 2005-2006
Coast guards aboard the vessel Tarabai, 30 nautical miles from
the shore of Jakhau spent more than three hours  in their efforts to
photograph these wonderful marine mammals.

In June 2018, Arabian Sea humpback whales were one of four species to be added to the Recovery programme during the 49th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Board of Wildlife held in New Delhi.  Seventeen species (including the Ganges River dolphin) had been previously identified, bringing the new total up to 21.  The MoEFCC has requested the Chief Wildlife Wardens of coastal States in India to initiate  ASHW research and conservation activities for the next 5 years in collaboration with Scientific Institutions and Universities, with the aim of producing an Action Plan for the future.


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