Arabian Sea Whale reports presented to the IWC in 2016

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This year Arabian Sea whales made a strong showing at the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission.  The following documents were all presented in either the Southern Hemisphere  (SH) subcommittee, or the Human Induced Mortality (HIM) subcommittee.  Arabian Sea Humpback whales received a great deal of attention and discussion from both subcommittees, and the Scientific Committee reiterated its concern about the conservation status of this population, making  a number of formal recommendations for continued research and conservation measures in the region.

You can download the papers that were presented at this year’s meeting by clicking on the links below. They represent the most up-to-date information on Arabian Sea Whale populations.  However, please bear in mind that these reports do not carry the same status as papers published in peer-reviewed journals.  The official guidelines published on the IWC website for citing reports to the IWC SC meeting are as follows:

‘Papers submitted to the IWC Scientific Committee are produced to advance discussions within that Committee; they may be preliminary or exploratory. It is important that if you wish to cite this/a paper outside the context of an IWC meeting, you notify the author at least six weeks before it is cited to ensure that it has not been superseded or found to contain errors.’

SC_66b_SH_12_ASWN Newsletter

SC_66b_SH_14_ASWN Progress Update

SC_66b_SH_28_Satellite tagging and research Update Oman

SC_66b_SH_32_Preliminary report on Analysis of ASHW Acoustic data from Oman

SC_66b_HIM_10_whale and ship co-occurence in Arabian Sea

SC_66b_SH_34_Baleen whale records from Arabian Sea coast of India

Amaral et al. 2016_ Update on Genetic Analysis of ASHW samples from Oman _ working paper only

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