A successful entanglement and stranding response training workshop in Oman

At the end of October, 2015, a week-long workshop in Oman helped a variety of stakeholders learn about cetacean entanglement and stranding response.  Requested by the government of Oman, and delivered by the IWC in partnership with the Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown USA, the workshop included classroom theory sessions as well as beach- and boat-based hands-on practice.  The workshop was almost too successful in its aim to provide hands-on training, as an unexpected mass stranding of 36 spinner dolphins was discovered in the middle of the training week, allowing for a lot of practice in data collection from carcasses.

Read more about the training event and see photos on this excellent summary on the IWC website:

(CCS) IWC summary of the training workshop

as well as the CMS website:

CMS report on the entanglement response workshop in Oman

oman entanglement training 4 - nov 15

Participants in the workshop receiving hands on boat-based disentanglement training practice. (Photo courtesy  of  IWC.)

Also check out the IWC-published best practice guidelines for large whale disentanglement:

IWC best practice guidelines for disentanglement of large whales

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