Regional – Arabian Sea Humpback Whales


Arabian Sea Humpback Whale infographic_high resolution PDF (75 MB)

Peer reviewed published papers:

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Papers submitted to the 2021 IWC Scientific Committee meeting

SC_68C_CMP_03_Moazzam Sightings of Whales in the Northern Arabian Sea along the Coast of Pakistan in 2020

SC_68C_CMP_04_Willson et al. Oman research update

SC_68C_CMP_05 Rev 1 Minton et al. Progress report from the Arabian Sea Whale Network

Papers submitted to the 2020 IWC Scientific Committee meeting

SC_68B_CMP_11_rev1_ASWN Progress report

SC_68B_CMP_17_CMP SWG updates

SC_68B_PH_01_Flukebook and Happy Whale Platform comparison

SC_68B_SM_05_rev1_Flukebook for Sousa

SC_68B_PH_06_Flukebook developments incl ASWN and Indocet

SC_68B_INFO_28_ New blue whale call from Oman

SC_68B_CMP_08 Whale sightings from the Pakistan crew-based observer programme

SC_68B_CMP_23_rev1_Assessment of ASHW body condition in Oman

SC_68B_CMP_16_rev1_Visual health assessment of ASHW in Oman

Papers submitted  to 2019 IWC Scientific Committee meeting:

SC_68A_CMP_09_rev1_ASWN update 

SC_68A_CMP_08_Oman Dhofar research update- blue whales

SC_68A_SH_07_Flukebook update

SC_68A_CMP_07_Whale sightings from Pakistan crew-based observer programme

SC_68A_CMP_10_Baleen whale records from India

Papers submitted  to 2018 IWC Scientific Committee meeting:

SC_67B_INFO_50_Humpback whale song India

SC_67B_INFO_07_ASWN workshop report_Managing data for whale conservation

SC_67B_INFO_06_CMS Concerted Action Proposal for Arabian Sea humpback whales

Pakistan whale sightings 2017-18_For Submission_Final2

SC_67B_PH_03_Flukebook for the Arabian Sea Whale Network

SC_67B_CMP_19_Oman humpback whale song analysis and comparison

SC_67B_CMP_15_Baleen whale records from India

SC_67B_CMP_13_rev1_Oman Humbpack Whale Research update

SC_67B_CMP_10_rev1_Arabian Sea Whale Network update

Papers submitted to the 2017 IWC Scientific Committee meeting

SC_67A_CMP_07_rev1_ASWN progress report

SC_67A_CMP_05_Arabian Sea humpback and baleen whale sightings from Paksitan

SC_67A_CMP_03_rev1_baleen whale records from India

SC_67A_CMP_15_Ensemble Niche modeling of humbpack whale habitat in the Arabian Sea

SC_67A_CMP_14_presence of humpback whales in the Persian Gulf

SC_67A_CMP_12_Oman research update